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What is Generación América?

Tu historia debe ser contada

Tu historia debe ser contada

- Univision

Celebrate your Latino pride

Generación América is the first multi-generational movement dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of Latinos in the United States.

Through this initiative, Univision hopes to translate the struggles, dreams and achievements of the large and diverse immigrant population in the U.S. so that future generations are able to learn from their collective experiences. In order to achieve this goal your participation is essential.

We want you to share your experiences with the Hispanic community and be part of Generation America. The most interesting stories will be chosen to be professionally recorded and promoted on our website and television.


You can express your pride for being Latino two ways:


Record a 1 minute video about any topic regarding your life in America and simply upload your video.


Briefly write about a significant event which captures the highlight of your life in the U.S., and attach a picture illustrating that experience.

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